International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature
ISSN 2200-3592 (Print), ISSN 2200-3452 (Online)
Vol. 5 No. 6; November 2016
Australian International Academic Centre, Australia


Apologies as Politeness Strategies Expressed by Characters in
"Revolutionary Road" Movie

Elham Abedi
English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Isfahan,Iran
Farinaz Shirani Bidabadi
Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research, IUT Branch (ACECR), Isfahan, Iran
Hadi Salehi (Corresponding author)
English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Isfahan, Iran
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Received: 27-05-2016 Accepted: 02-08-2016 Advance Access Published: September 2016
Published: 01-11-2016 doi:10.7575/aiac.ijalel.v.5n.6p.134 URL:


Abstract:deliver their apology and to describe the way the characters express their apologies. The study used Trosborg's apologystrategies and Holmes' social dimensions of communication and kinds of offences finding, Hymes' ethnography ofcommunication with SPEAKING formula. Thedataof the research were taken from apology expressions employed inthe movie entitled "Revolutionary Road". The corpus included the sentences containing apology expressions followingan offence, and other supporting expressions employed by the characters in the movie "Revolutionary Road". Thedialogues containing apology expressions and the types of offenses from the apology expressions were transcribed. Theresult showed that the kinds of offenses were infringement on space, infringement on talk, infringement on time,infringement on possession and social behavior offence. The characters in the movie “Revolutionary Road” expressedtheir apologies with the simple and complex form of apology strategies both directly and indirectly. They also deliveredtheir apologies in high tone and low tone. They also showed nonverbal expressions in apologizing. The apologystrategies were influenced by the degree of severity of the offence and the response given by the addressee. The
employing of apology strategy in apologizing was influenced by the social distance, the formality of the situation, andthe social status of the participants. It is implied that the speech act of apology in different contexts including movies should be regarded and considered by sociolinguistic

Keywords: Sociolinguistics, Speech act theory, Apology, Revolutionary road